Production Sprint (part 1)

After our prototyping sprint, we immediately started making tasks for both programmers and artist.  There's a lot that needs to be done.
The programmers will add more mechanics, picking up objects and features, while the artist focus on finishing the characters and animations and more. We also made sure that everyone uses the same version of Unity, as well as deciding a project folder structure that we all agree with.


Since the living room will hold a lot of props, those need to be made asap. We divided our props in breakable and environmental props.
F.e.: you'll be able to grab a small plant and throw it at another player. The other player will get pushed backwards and the object will break. But there's also a bigger plant in the corner of the room. That one is too big for a small child to throw at someone, so we decided that it would be part of the environment. 

We also talked about the powerups. Each powerup will be modelled and textured like a prop. Everytime you pick one up, they will be added to an inventory slot. You can only hold one powerup at a time. When you use them, it will be visualised with a particle that will be projected around the player's character.
We're finishing up the first rig, so the animator in our team can start working on some awesome animations!


The prototype project was coded quick and dirty, with only three different scripts that held too much information and logic. So first of all we split everything up in smaller, more managable pieces. We made sprint tasks for each of these, so that we can easily keep track of what's already been implemented. Currently we re-coded movement,  combat, object interaction, safe zones, player states and the entire mom mechanic. And most importantly, everything resides in it's own small, silky smooth script!

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